Cold Weather Scooter Clothing

I need help finding a reasonably priced one-piece or two-piece set of snowmobile-type clothing for a son who rides a scooter to work, about an hour each way. We live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina where it gets cold at times but not frigid. He'll mainly face 30-degree weather with wind.

What are my options?

Thanks for your question!

I would recommend the Fly Racing - Patrol Riding Jacket. This is a good water resistant jacket that isn't built too heavily for street use.
This would work well with the Win-Tec Jeans for riding.

Another option would be the CKX - Sportronic Suit. This is a bit heavier insulated, but is a good price for a jacket/bottom combination. It's also reflective as well so will still be safe for street use.

If you want to give me his dimensions and the color you're interested in, I can confirm availability of any of these products for you!
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